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Food Clothing & Glaciers

Food, Clothing, & Glaciers

  • The Ballad of BP & the Massey Massacre
  • Tea Party Tango
  • Geithner Fit the Battle
  • Your Car Is Disgusting

PLUS: The Panic Is On, Citizens United, Shoot Down the Drones, Food Clothing & Glaciers, I Don't Fight for Conquerors, We Are the Ones.



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George Shrub the star

Shrub and Lippman Live in Manhattan

  • Sport Futility Vehicle Tango 
  • The Twelve Days of Bushmas
  • I Wonder Who's Kissinger Now
  • Put'Enron the Ritz

PLUS: Iraq Opportunity Theme Song, Ayatollah Ashcroft, Megs and All, Home on the Exchange, and vintage Shrub commentary on the Evil of Access, Women and Other Minorities, Recycle Enemies, and too much more.

Review from the guy who couldn't figure it out

 Megs and All
Iraq Opportunity Theme Song

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I Hate Wal-Mart CD

I Hate Walmart


  • I Hate Wal-Mart - surely a commercial hit. 
  • Guess Who's Coming After Dinner - Things we never knew about people we thought we knew
  • Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs - the ultimate enemy of the week
  • Hamburger Hill - Downsizing the family's value

PLUS: Bohemian Grove, All My Friends Are Semi-Famous, Straight White Middle Class Male, Free At Last...and more...19 in all...great deal...says Dave...and the reviewers

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No Sale CD

No Sale

NO SALE - Lots of musicians, lots of funny and tragic tunes. 1992.

  • Friend of the Fetus - a traditional ballad
  • Love Nazi - what happens at the Immigration Desk
  • Have I Left Anything Out? - A complete view of the future (utopian)
  • Uncle Sam: We Did It His Way - a CIA rap tune on US history
  • I'm Goin' to Hell - The terrors of PC & Recycling

PLUS: Keep on Workin', You Can't Grow a Forest, Stinkin' Blinkin' Sinkin', Forever if It Takes That Long, Drivers Like That, Enemy of the Week

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Shrub, Stump, & Lippman

Shrub, Stump & Lippman Live!!

SHRUB, STUMP & LIPPMAN LIVE!! Some songs here and there, but mainly all your favorite characters, as well as Dave himself. 1991. Now on CD.

George Shrub: The Vision Thing, World Explained Away, News Speak, Go for the Gulf, Sandinites & Cubists, Quayle on Women, Friend of the Fetus, My Fair Kuwaiti, Just Say No-riega

George Stump holds forth on moderate clearcutting and Dave explains the Decade that Decayed

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shooting from the Lipp

Shoot From The Lipp

SHOOT FROM THE LIPP. 1987.   Now on CD.
Comico-centric release featuring such classics as:

Nice Car, No Thanks, They're Setting a Bad Example, We Like Our Coffee Sweet, O Say Can You See, The Current Group of Scoundrels, Truly Needy, Turned to Glass, Freedom's Just Another Word for Workin on Your Tan, Battle Him in Public, Submarine Corps Hymn, Patch My Pockets, Do We Know?    

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hearts and dollars

Hearts And Dollars

HEARTS AND DOLLARS: Very serious tunes and sometimes very loud and sometimes very good. 1985. Now on CD.

They're All Stupid, People Who Have Had Their Lives Destroyed, Petty Cash, Hour of the Furnaces, A Man Grows Up, Death Train, If You Can't Stand the Heat, I Don't Fight for Conquerors, Out of Sight, Out of Mind, America Goes to War, I Hate To Bring It Up, Mr. Relocation

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dulce nos gusta el café

Dulce Nos Gusta El Café

DULCE NOS GUSTA EL CAFE is in Spanish and is very nice, mejor que los tapes en inglés, segun algunos, 1985. Now on CD.

Se Estan Portando Mal, Conocian Tu Valor, Si Me Llaman, No Pasaran, ¿O Say Can You See?, No Lucho Por El Conquistador, Dulce Nos Gusta El Café, Quiero Saber, La Hora De Los Hornos, ¿De Que Lado Estas? Nuestro Presidente, ¿Sabemos?

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Earlier recordings - CIA classics - that is, dated, that is collectible, that is, a good way to complete your collection. No, really, they're great:

Shrub in 88

Shrub In 88!!

SHRUB IN 88!! Now on CD.

Call Me Ollie, Arms for Ayatollahs-Cash for Contras Scam Caper Crisis Affair Scandal Rap-Up, Map-Up, Little Bosses, We Built This Country, News Speak. 1988.

PLUS: Dave tunes: Fightin For, There Was Love, Christmas in Chalatenango

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declassified songs

Declassified Songs


O Say Can You See, The Continental Trickle Theory, Mack the Imperialist, Apology for our Central America Policy, News Speak, If I Only Had It All, CIA Talking Blues, The Economy: Can We Budget?, Our Meddle East Piece Policy, Nicaraguite Aggression Against Iowa, Grenada Rescue, The Submarine Corps Hymn, more. 

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