Your Car Is Disgusting

Your car is disgusting, your car is a war crime
Your car is in bad taste, according to me

Your camouflage clothing is a devious wrap
Almost didn’t see you in all that Green Beret crap

You cut quite a figure – it sure makes me meek
I’m shocked if not awed by your massacre chic

The Clear Channel Stadium only broadcasts one game
Down at Dow Diamond it’s burnt flesh this time o year
Coors Field has a rule now, they only serve Nazi beer

You think that you’re different, because in your car
You turn off hate radio, And turn on NPR
We take White House press releases
Then we read them back to you!

You wish you could change things, But you don’t know how
With an actual news source, You’d have Democracy Now

At Pizza Hut Park, they really do it in style
At Fifth Third Ballpark well, you do the math
At Home Depot Soccer Stadium, you fix the game yourself

In the land of free enterprise, the stores are all chains
They replace all community with capital gains

You allow ads all over, Tell me who is to blame
Have you at long last sir, no sense of decency or shame

Down at Whataburger Field the pitcher is on his greasy perch
Me I’m waitin’ for the Wal-mart Institute of Labor Rights Research
Me I’m just waitin’ for the First Coca-Cola Methodist Church