Boycott Songs

(songs to boycott by)

Amazing Grace, Palestine – two versions: a cappella in Berkeley and with guitar in Seattle.


Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza, NY

This Food’s Not Your Food Sometimes Israelis like to claim various foods as their own invention when in fact they were there in the neighborhood for, let’s say, millenia. I wouldn’t care except that erasing a people’s culture is an integral part of ethnic cleansing, which has been proceeding apace since, oh let’s say, 1948.

A Show Called Dig Some wags at NBC think it’s a thrill to set a thriller on stolen land without mentioning the theft. Well you’ll never find the criminal that way. Some friends went to give the wags a wag of the finger.

Human Rights Man – video  Stones are rolling downhill into shameful complicity with settler colonial criminality. Audio only here

This Boycott Was Made For You and Me (video) From non-union grapes to segregated buses to apartheid, we’ve always voted with our wallets. Audio only here

Ode to Soda Stream
Alteration of Earth Day anthem, since Earth Day’s been altered by “green” Soda Stream – but guess what, E-Day has cut SS off! Go Green, not Apartheid!

Bricks From the Wall TIAA-Cref Divest!


Academic Boycott Days

Why Can’t We Be Friends? (of the IDF)

Soda Streamin’-Dreamin’

No More Soda Streamin’

Veolia Boycott Song

Hit the Road, AIPAC

Real Community

This Plan is Your Plan

Sabra Song

Caterpillar, the Home Killer   (several songs about the Cat)

Ahava Medley

Buy, Buy Apartheid

Stuck Inside Apartheid With the Settler Blues Again

Twelve Days of Boycott

More, with video:
Livin’ on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)

Songs for the member initiatives,
Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op



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