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The 99% troubadour (he’s not yet complete), Dave Lippman, is at it for barely countable decades, through scores of wars, dozens of labor campaigns, and massive struggles to avoid massive environmental disasters. Current victims of Lippman’s parody and thrust include climate change default swaps, small gated residences for banksters, and of course the nationalization of Wal-mart. Get ready for high-end pop rewrites and some very wise cracks.


“Lippman is a national treasure” – L.A. Herald-Examiner
“Viciously funny” – Guardian (England)
“One of my favorite political satirists. This is a very funny man.” – Erich Lee Preminger
“The Dean felt that more harm than good would come from
your visit” – student, Skidmore College, New York
“God, that man can talk! What a great writer!” – Utah Phillips


Lippman’s songs, released on numerous albums over the last 20 years, bear such bucolic and transcendent titles as “I Hate Walmart” “The Stocks They Are Exchangin’,” and “Battle Him in Public.” His CDs receive airplay on anticommercial radio throughout the country.


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