The View from the Department of Homeland Security Culture Desk

He presents the Right point of view, he’s the world’s only KNOWN singing C.I.A. agent. He’s the official toastmaster and anti-folksinger of the Committee to Intervene Anywhere: he’s Mr. George Shrub.

Herein, for your eyes only, some declassified remarks from the Man himself.

GSolyELECTIONS: YES THEY DID…a historic failure of voter suppression. (2008)

The McCain-Obama Billion-Dollar Free Election Campaign 

Philip Agee in My Hindsights (2008)

The Virtues of Sweatshops 

Thinking About Iraq
(to save you the trouble)

Shrub’s remarks on the current War on Causeless and Unauthorized Terrorism


News Speak 7-6-03

Shrub Counters Labor in South Carolina

Independent (Durham) interview with the
Singing C.I.A. Agent

plumbersRemarks on Our Gulf (1992)
Australian interview with Shrub,
recorded in his clandestine hideout (1992)