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The Latest Video Commentary by DAVEY DRUMPF

(The Donald’s Long-Lost Third Cousin Twice Removed)

Drumpf Files #5

A so-called judge struck down the so-called non-Muslim Ban of a so-called President, and all hell broke loose at the airport. Then, for the first time ever, Green Cards expired. Stay tuned….


The Drumpf Files Kickstarter is up


One of the funniest satirists of the last 30 years launches his hilarious new take on the Drumpf era. – Stoney Burke

Bloody brilliant. – Peggy Seeger



Audiences of all ages and hair styles have thrilled to the post-corporate comic stylings of satirical songster Dave Lippman.

The 99% troubadour (he’s not yet complete) and investigative songwriter afflicts the complacent, takes the air out of the windbags of the week, de-distorts history, and updates worn-out songs with parody and thrust. Sample tunes: All We Are Saying is End Corporate Crime, I Hate Wal-Mart, Alberta Tarbillies, Brother Can You Spare a Diamond, Sgt. Pepper Spray…
Specializing in passionate, comedic original songs and unsingable singalongs set to familiar tunes, he presents a swirl of multimedia images so no one will bother watching him grow older onstage. It’s a multi-media romp through recent generations of social justice activism, told through stories of glories, near-wins, and windmills tilted at. Remember the hard times, fight for the better ones – in harmony!


Coming soon: D. Trump’s cousin Davey Drumpf’s video commentaries. Watch this space.

In the video above, Dave Lippman, Wild Bill Bailout, and George Shrub tear through the years (decades) with a fairly unbalanced commentary on life in these troubled times.
For a 2-minute video of 50 years of such adventures:

For more video, see Wild Bill’s Blog and Songs & Videos.