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(The Donald’s Long-Lost Third Cousin Twice Removed)

Drumpf Files #8

Cabinet of Foxes Guarding Chickens, part 2:
Unkind cuts by a cabinet worth more than 43 million households: That’s one expensive cabinet! The conflicts of interest are compounded, interestingly, by the conflicter-in-chief, Boss Tweet himself.

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One of the funniest satirists of the last 30 years launches his hilarious new take on the Drumpf era. – Stoney Burke

Bloody brilliant. – Peggy Seeger



Audiences of all ages and hair styles have thrilled to the post-corporate comic stylings of satirical songster Dave Lippman.

The 99% troubadour (he’s not yet complete) and investigative songwriter afflicts the complacent, takes the air out of the windbags of the week, de-distorts history, and updates worn-out songs with parody and thrust. Sample tunes: All We Are Saying is End Corporate Crime, I Hate Wal-Mart, Alberta Tarbillies, Brother Can You Spare a Diamond, Sgt. Pepper Spray…
Specializing in passionate, comedic original songs and unsingable singalongs set to familiar tunes, he presents a swirl of multimedia images so no one will bother watching him grow older onstage. It’s a multi-media romp through recent generations of social justice activism, told through stories of glories, near-wins, and windmills tilted at. Remember the hard times, fight for the better ones – in harmony!

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In the video above, Dave Lippman, Wild Bill Bailout, and George Shrub tear through the years (decades) with a fairly unbalanced commentary on life in these troubled times.

2-minute video of 50 years of such adventures:

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