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Our Settlement House Real estate giant RE/MAX is buying and selling illegal homes in occupied territory. Somebody’s got to do it, right? Wrong.

National Drumpfhood Week The less said about this, the better, so it’s short.

Triple W and H2 – Oh! How to remember why we don’t quite like Hillary and perhaps would rather see her elected to prison.

When We Stand Up and Feel the Bern A singalong at Washington Square Park. Or near it. Among the 20,000 who didn’t get in. And here’s the studio/jazzier/semi-pro/lotsa pix version, part one and part two…..! And the Belgian TV piece including excerpts from the song and some interviewing and the Bernie crowd at Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

The Union, It Must Be Changin’ I wrote a medley for the Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE), a caucus of the United Federation of Teachers in NYC working for a democratic union and actually educational schools. Here’s the singalong vid, filmed at their meeting.

National Berniehood Week  Here he is, warts and all – it’s not quite a campaign song, but something to help us get through yet another presidential selection ordeal, with one bright spot in it.

I’m Still A-Mergin’ Even More At Phil Ochs’ 75th birthday celebration in Brooklyn I offered my re-take on “I Ain’t Marchin’ Any More.”

I Don’t Fight for Conquerors Having forgotten that “I Ain’t Marchin’ Any More” had already been written, I wrote this. Oh well can’t have too many anthems – unless they’re boring. (Also from Phil Ochs Night, 12/19/15)

All Along Renewable Power Climate Man rewrote All Along the Watchtower, and I rewrote his rewrite, so here’s the result.
The Climate It Is A-Changin’ Live at the climate march, NYC, Dec ’15.

Star of Goliath Song cycle with visuals about Palestine/Israel, remixed 2015.

At the Brooklyn Commons on August 22, 2015, Dave Lippman celebrated 50 years of making music for justice.  The LippBand rolled out songs dating from the eighties right up into the Age of Technology. Videos from that night plus relevant graphix = The Illustrated Band.

2-minute overview of 50-year career

Cooperative Internationale

In the Hummertime

I Hate Wal-Mart

They’re Setting a Bad Example

Keep On Workin’

I Don’t Fight for Conquerors

and one vintage recording with new visuals:

Mr. Relocation

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Fundamentalist Kentucky’s own Kim Davis didn’t want to marry gays – Gilbert & Sullivan and James Trumm have given us a lickety-quick commentary.

Whistleblowers’ Blues We get our important news from the people who have to sneak it out the side door, since the media only mediate what their wealthy owners permit. Why aren’t the people who try to put these people in jail, in jail?

Bakken Frackin’ Oil Train Heavy, volatile fracked oil from North Dakota travels in flimsy, outmoded rail cars across the country, through communities, over reservoirs, and from time to time derails and blows up, killing scores in Ontario, exploding and burning in Illinois, Alabama, Virginia,…THIS is sustainable energy?!

Battle Hymn of the Public Written for the Fight For Fifteen, this one starts with a snip of performance at the New Brunswick, NJ rally, then on to the rest of the country.

When We Stand Up For 15 Views of the fight for $15 set to the tune of folks Marchin’ In, doncha know.
and companion piece, speakers at a Jersey rally, with same song wrapping it up.

Ciao, Inequality
When We Stand Up To Inequality

Cooperative Internationale – Cubans try to democratize and save socialism by forming worker cooperatives.

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot (live version) with MSO Trio, Caffe Vivaldi, NYC, 12/14.

The sleeping giant awakes: Walmart “associates” are disassociating themselves from the race to the bottom of the working class. Three cheers – and songs – for them!

Shake Up Walmart (Bella Ciao)

When Walmart Cuts

Battle Hymn of the Associates 

When the State Steals Medicaid Half the states are refusing to accept free money to save lives. People are on the move in these red states. In Texas, in Georgia. In South Carolina, a Healthy Democracy roadshow.

Battle Hymn of the Caregivers Some caregivers at nursing homes work without a contract, for low wages, with prohibitive costs for their dependents’ health care. They’re mobilizing.

We Shall Not Be De-Climatized We marched, and will march again, and then will lie down in front of the liars, and stand up to the climate-killing profiteers.

This Brand’s Not Made for You and Me A jaunt through the history of boycotts – the ones I’ve joined in, anyway – to help us realize the power of putting the wallet back in the pocket.

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot  Michael Brown isn’t even the latest to die from white cops’ fear of black people and failure to implement non-lethal methods and most of all the warehousing of unwanted humans. He was – for two days.

More Dead and Gaza Moans Israel periodically “mows the lawn,” as they themselves call massacres, to demoralize Gaza, while spinning insulting stories about their motives. It makes things even worse, right? Time to cut aid and boycott yet? Not yet? When, then?

The Interdictacall The present, actually-existing International that has been organized by The Man consists of a buncha robots logging your blogs, phone calls, thoughts and feelings…but if you’ve done nothing wrong, why you bitchin’?

The Times They Aren’t A-Changin’ What actually is “fit to print?”Apparently whatever fits in the bubble that we’re not supposed to be aware we’re in. Pinnacle of journalism or stenography for the established order? You be the judge.

Will Society Be Unbroken  Wisconsin Solidarity Singers rewrote this 1907 hymn, then I altered it some for the South Carolina activists. The beat goes on…

Jumbo Liar  Rewritten for South Carolina’s social justice movement, from rewrite by Wisconsin’s Solidarity Singers. Who’s next?

Truthful Tuesday Folks in South Carolina are mobilizing to protest the Republican outrages emanating from the state government. At issue are attacks on voting rights, education, Medicaid, etc. etc.

I Don’t Go Into Stores  A post-consumerist fantasy. I never buy anything new – except the canoe cupholder.

I Don’t Want Your Millions, Mister  An 80-year update for those of us still Greatly Recessed.

If God Had Wanted There To Be Other Countries Wild Bill Bailout has an offer you can’t understand: permanent war, everyone against everyone. Offer never expires.

Mergers & Acquisitions  If a tree falls in the forest and one guy owns all the radio stations, and that guy doesn’t like you, will we ever know it fell on your head?

They Bailed Out Everything But Detroit Arab Spring, Occupy, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and the destruction of Detroit. Oh, and cooperatives as an alternative. audio & lyrics only

We Won’t Be Bound and Gagged No Mo Texas’ own Hornet Signs made a truck decal of a hogtied woman. Up in arms we are. Here’s a song/video for the women of Texas. audio only version

Moral Mondays After Occupy, Tahrir, and Wisconsin comes North Carolina’s Moral Mondays campaign.

Poor Penny Pritzker If you want to evaluate the new Secretary of Con-us, consult with the workers at her Hyatt Hotels, or the schools she ran into the ground, or the folks she foreclosed on, or… captioned version

Trayvon, You’re Livin’ (Re-recorded) As they pile on more justifications for terrorizing young black people, we pile into the streets to say if we don’t get no justice, you don’t get no peace!

Imagine Trade Agreements – Bilingual ode to those working against the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Inspired by folks in Mexico, already victimized by NAFTA – and now this.  audio only version

You Don’t Own the World – A simple singalong sums up the state of the “sale of our state” situation.

Destroyed Nation Row – Wild Bill croons his impatience with your impatience with imperial meltdown.

Always Low Prices – Not much has changed from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire 100 years ago to the catastrophe/mass murder in the Smart Export Garments factory in Bangladesh. They just move the most exploitative jobs around the globe. At the center, or forward edge, of this demonic regime is our old friend Wal-mart.

Get a Drone – Wild Bill has the perfect defense against civilians, casualized soldiers, immigrants, and other unforeseen byproducts of his policies.

Gaza’s Ark – The Gaza’s Ark group plans to help Gazans build a boat, ready for high seas, to help maintain boat-building skills and help break the blockade.

50 Ways To Slice the 99 – Within the 99%, differences are important. Who goes to college, work, prison; who ends up on the street? Statistics that rhyme!

The Interdigitale – Does new tech bring us together for truth and justice? Or for trivia?

Electoral Dysfunction – Addressing the angst of voting in a one and a half party system.

In the Hummertime – Burying a pink Hummer in an art park in Detroit – world’s most impossible singalong.

I’m Still A-Mergin’ Even More – Phil Ochs is roiling in his grave – but then, he always is.

Student Debt Is Rising High & Making Us Ferocious (Supercalifragi…..)

I Won’t Bloody Buy It – We boycott all the unjust companies we can find, but why do we occasionally balk?

Ghostwriters of the Law – Who writes our laws? ALEC does. American Legislative Exchange Council. AKA the 1%. Surprise!

Alberta Tarbillies (Keystone XL pipeline). here’s the lyric.

What the Frack?! The good people of the petroleum industry have decided to treat the earth like the government treats the elderly and the sick: expendable.

Disney Babies The good people at Disney have noticed an untapped market: infants. They’re now entering maternity wards to provide baby-branding services.

“We Are the Ones” A look and listen at some of the grassroots social justice organizations abroad in the land From the album “Food, Clothing, & Glaciers”

Songs from the CD “Food, Clothing, & Glaciers”:

Ballad of BP and the Massey Massacre
Tea Party Tango
Citizens United
Food, Clothing & Glaciers
Geithner Fit the Battle at A.I.G.
Your Car Is Disgusting
Everything is Fine In Jena
Pity The Nation-First They Came-I Don’t Fight For Conquerors


From Shrub and Lippman,

Live in Manhattan (Kansas)

Megs and All
Listen to
The Evil of Access
Listen to
Iraq Opportunity Theme Song
Listen to


I Hate Wal-Mart That’s Our Wal-Mart (the labor angle) My Favorite Songs Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs Bohemian Grove Straight White Middle Class Male


Electoral College Calypso

Backing tracks by Biff Blumfumgagnge

Boycott Songs  (No, don’t boycott them, sing them.)

downloads for sale at iTunes:

Food, Clothing, & Glaciers Shrub and Lippman Live I Hate Wal-Mart

more downloads available at


Interview on KALA, Davenport, Iowa, October 2013 with David Baker & Jordan Light, discussing Moral Mondays, Wisconsin, how to write parodies, why to write parodies, how to ignore politicians, & Lippman origin myths and bits of lore…..(13 minutes)

Listen to

Watch a radio show – ?! Dave on Occupy TV, Eugene, Oregon, August 2012 Part 1     Part 2
Wild Bill Bailout given equal time on the same show: Part 1     Part 2
Listen to Dave on Occupy Radio, Eugene, Oregon, August 2012 discussing farm workers, Vietnam, hippies, the 80s, Occupy, and mountaintop Removal….. (7 minutes)
Listen to

Watch a radio show – ?! Dave chats with Michael James on “Live From the Heartland” Chicago, 1-17-09 part 1    part 2   part 3

Listen to Shrub interview/call-in with WORT Radio, Madison, Wisconsin, April 2007(19 minutes)
Listen to

Singing CIA Agent George Shrub’s commentaries

from Pacifica’s weekly election show, “Informed Dissent”, Now with enhanced secret background music!

Effects of 9/11 – The Friendliest of Fascisms
Listen to
Iraq Opportunities
Listen to
Hurricanes All Come From Cuba
Listen to
God Blesses Our Media
Listen to
Iraq Opportunities
Listen to
The Business of America is None of Your Business
Listen to
Cojones vs. Chutzpah
Listen to
The Constitution: Redeploying Your Rights
Listen to
DemDupes and Senatorettes
Listen to
Faith-based Markets
Listen to


Singing CIA Agent George Shrub’s one-minute movies:
The Meddle East broadband dialup
The Axis of Pretty Bad broadband   dialup George Shrub at La Pena (13 minutes)

SINGING CIA AGENT GEORGE SHRUB/AGENTE DE LA CIA JORGE ARBUSTO in Quetzaltenango (Xelaju), Guatemala, 1989 Singing CIA Agent, Guatemala, 1989, part 1 2:24 El Cantante de la CIA en Guatemala Arbusto sings “Se Estan Portando Mal,” about the Grenada Rescue. 3:16 Shrub song & Dance: “Call Me Ollie” Ollie North wrote this for Bill Casey, who sang it to Shrub. 3:37 Jorge Arbusto explains the world away. Using an aerial photograph, and some pointers. 12:02

The Streams Are Finding the River Musical Multimedia on Venezuela
Katrina: The Water Torture Part 1   4:32 medium quality higher quality Part 2   3:51 medium quality higher quality

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