I Hate Wal-Mart

Dave Lippman’s tenth album (one 33, one 45, one 78, 2 CDs, nine tapes – don’t do the math…), “I Hate Wal-Mart,” onUrgent Records. The work of 25 musicians, it includes the following notable tunes:

  • I Hate Wal-Mart
    – destined for a grammy, but got lost on the way
  • Guess Who’s Coming After Dinner
    – Things we never knew about people we thought we knew
  • Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs
    – the ultimate enemy of the week
  • Hamburger Hill
    – Downsizing the family’s value

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His songs are up there with Phil Ochs, mixing politics, pathos and healthy dose of sarcasm and satire…fleshed out with a full band, some gorgeous piano, mandolin, slide guitar, and layered harmonies…An essential purchase.”
AK Press

A satirical ear on the rail, a keen eye on current morés.
– Richard Fox, WCUW, Worcester, MA

You are a bitter, bitter (and ugly) man. It is time to
grow up. If you hate capitalism and success stories so
much then move to Africa, get AIDS, and die. You
freakin’ clown.
– a fan

Well grounded in American musical traditions, Lippman turns a sharp wit to a variety of modern lack-of-life subjects. Time and again he employs just enough humor to make difficult subjects accessible and to deliver his message without losing his listener. Those who love prejudice, stupidity, megacorporations, the Bohemian Club and the disappearance of local culture will hate this CD.
-Art Menius
The Independent, Durham

This master of topical tunes from all over the musical map returns with a mighty mix of humor and sincerity that is rooted in folk, but branches out from there. Not afraid to get angry or have a laugh at his or your expense, Lippman strikes again.
– Sounds Celebrating Resistance, Sacramento

What makes Lippman’s songs so noteworthy is that, while he has a definite point of view, he acknowledges that political and social issues are complicated – that they have subtety and nuance. Once you hear the first line, you don’t immediately know everything that’s going to follow.
– John Weingart, WPRB, Princeton

“I Hate Wal-Mart” is a satirical song about some of the (many) reasons to hate Wal-Mart, most of them centering on its relentless hegmenozing of the cultural and financial landscape. What’s so great about it, aside from its humor and its catchiness, is that it also makes the occasional stop to skewer hypocritical activists as well. ([I hate] “Starbucks … not so much.”)…”Thank You” is a sincere number, sweet and thoroughly charming. It’s a very peaceful track, one I put on repeat sometimes when I’m chained to this desk doing computer stuff.
Tuwa (blog)


Lee Goland
“Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs”