Food, Clothing, & Glaciers

Food, Clothing, & Glaciers  (2010)

The Lyrics:


Hazekiah Jenkins/Dave Lippman

What this country is comin’ to, I sure would like to know
If they don’t do something by and by
The rich will live and the poor will die
Doggone, I mean the panic is on

Can’t get no work, can’t draw no pay
Unemployment getting’ worser every day
Nothing to eat, no place to sleep
All night long folks walkin the street
Doggone, I mean the panic is on

All the landlords done raised the rent
Folks that ain’t broke is badly bent
Where they get dough from goodness knows
But if they don’t produce it, in the street they goes
Doggone, I mean the panic is on

I lost my house and my SUV
Even lost my mp3
Now I go to pay those who made me this way
So they can live to screw us all another day
Doggone, I mean the panic is on

I reckon those bankers shoulda never been bailed
They should be sittin’ in the county jail
If we do do something by and by
We could use the Swedish model it might fly
Doggone, socialism is on
…Or the Venezuelan model?…Or our own model?….


I won’t be making the trip
To visit Don Blankenship
In his prison cell
And I don’t wish him well
Won’t visit Tony Hayward
He’s way too wayward
Though seeing him in jail
Is my holy grail

No it isn’t fine to operate a mine
When coal is the cancer of the earth
But to sacrifice 29
To increase your bottom line
Brother you’re asking for it
Into the patrol car, officer, floor it!

And the only proper plea
For drilling in the sea
With no referee
Is insanity
But on second thought I guess
We really ought to press
Including reckless endangerment,
In the presence of clear and present danger
He went straight to manslaughter,
Sea slaughter, shore slaughter
Killing of the land and air and water


How much is that judgeship in the window?
The one with the balancing scale
How much is that judgeship in the window?
I do hope that judgeship’s for sale

I believe all corporations were created as a prequel
To the leadership of those too big to fail
And when we have alighted in the Congress and been knighted
Not that we were invited and our love is not requited
To make up for that we call ourselves Citizens United

They say dollars and democracy don’t mix
One swallows the other – guess which
I’m accused of gaming the system
That’s just blaming the victimizer
‘Cause money is speech, oh yes lots of it
A vote is fine but money is above it
Buying elections, you gotta love it
money wins every time, and it’s no crime
Not now!

Don’t donate to a candidate, that would be too brash
The chamber of commerce will redeploy your cash
Make creative use of intermediaries
Launder your cash, to keep elections clean
A rising tide lifts all votes
But some a little higher so they stay afloat
Every politician has his or her price
Who’s to decide if that is or isn’t nice?

I’m an innovator, I’m on the cutting edge
If things need improving I just buy a new ledge
-islature, a rose by any nomenclature
Is still a rose it’s just the rose I impose
Don’t be shy with the corporate cash
Democracy’s a billion dollar bash
Though they say corporate government is fash….ism
That can’t happen here.
Maybe in Germany or Italy but never here at home
Where the people all have health care and the buffalo still roam

The sky’s the limit, my guy’s gonna win it,
Power, he’ll be at its hub
To prepare for his election he’s puttin’ in his hours
At the country club

If you miss me at the voting booth
You can’t find me there
Come on over to the ad agency
I’ll be buyin it there

I’ll be buyin it there, I’ll be buyin it there
Come on over to the TV studio
I’ll be buyin it there

All you fools are my tools, I’ve seen to that
Through sub-standard schools and media that
I won’t mention, and I didn’t
You didn’t hear it, I was never here

You know democracy is not so much about what you do
It’s about what you choose on your pay per view
Remember corporations are people too
A major donor is a system owner

And when we have alighted in the Congress and been knighted
Not that we were invited and our love is not requited
To make up for that we call ourselves Citizens United


Hey grandpa, you’ve had a good life
Death panels in the sky…

They tried to kill me, with their public option
They’re gonna kill me, if Blue Cross don’t get there first
They want to kill all the babies and the old people too
Take away my choice of doctor like the current system do
Big government will tell me everything I cannot do
I prefer to have free enterprise control my life, thank you

How do I know this, did I really check?
I’ll tell you quick, I’m in a Rush….
It comes straight from Glenn Beck

You may say it’s all exaggerated, or made up by the Fox-oisie
Just because it’s been repudiated by those commies, at the AARP

But I’m a tea-party American, a true patriot
Trying to save business and guns from socialistic rot
It’s in the constitution that immigrants must leave
And if your health care bankrupts you, I ain’t gonna grieve

Cause I got mine Jack
You lazy bums get back
I won’t let my taxes climb
To help some kid who isn’t mine
I’m goin to a tea party, I’m goin to a tea party, I’m goin to a tea party
I’m gonna say to hell with karma
Party down with Big Pharma
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Those Nazis in the White House are preparing further crimes
I read all about it in the Washington Times
Obama’s just like Hitler, draw a moustache, you’ll see
He wants to give the lazy poor my flat panel TV
OK he’s not yet killing Jews, unless they’re very old
But he’s still a Muslim, he hates Jews so I’m told
And I can tell because my eye for detail does not fail, to wit
One time he went to Egypt and not Israel, that’s it!
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

We need the GOP back, they’re real Americans
They never did anything to hurt anyone of their class
Mark my words, these White House reds
Will put our country in the red
Oh wait, someone beat them to it, oy, our ass is grass

But I got mine Jack
You lazy bums get back
I won’t let my taxes climb
To help some kid who isn’t mine
I’m goin to a tea party, I’m goin to a tea party, I’m goin to a tea party
We’ll all be equal in that place
Me and my good old boys from JP Morgan/Chase

OK it’s true that all of this is, well, false
But an administration that supports abortion
Naturally will eventually support death panels
If they support a public option, it will inevitably abolish free enterprise
If they disagree with me, they will undoubtedly put me in jail
Where I will continue to fight for freedom, with one change:
I’ll have health care
Cause I got mine, Jack!


Shoot down the drones
It’s almost completely nonviolent
No one will be hurt
If you shoot ‘em down out of town
Shoot down the drones
It’ll stop the moans
And the groans no more bones
Shoot down the drones

Shoot down the drones
Or go to your phones
Dial the White House tones
Tell em to tell Dow Jones
No more drones

Dismantle all the cluster bombs
They’re really child-buster bombs
They blow up the moms
It’s against all the psalms
Dismantle the cluster bombs
Hey mister can you muster the thrust to decluster those bombs
They should be banned, it would be grand come give us a hand, take a stand
Dismantle all the cluster bombs

Dig up and disarm the land mines
Whoever uses them should be confined
I’m not tryin to be unkind
But they should at least be fined, not wined, not dined
Dig up and disarm
First and last do no harm
Send out the alarm
To every factory and farm
No more land mines
Dig up dig up dig up, dig up
And disarm


Everything was fine in Jena
Before they came around
From Michigan and Harlem and all them brown towns
A rising tide lifts all boats
David Duke got all our votes
Everything is fine in Jena

There ain’t a single thing a white can do
That a black can’t do in Jena too.
Except live in a nice house on a nice street
Accumulated wealth over generations
You can’t call that a racist nation
Everything is fine in Jena.

We don’t have a race problem here.
It’s not about color, it’s about crime and fear
Black kids wanta sit by a white tree
Sounds to me like a crime spree
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again
I can end your life with the stroke of a pen.
Everything is fine in Jena

Don’t tell me you don’t do the same
Cause your New York Bell had a different name
Mychal’s in jail, Sean’s six feet under
So it goes, that’s the situation, you can’t call that a racist nation
Everything is fine in America

Used to have an underground railroad,
Now they’re railroaded here at home
Just because it’s a prettified plantation
You can’t call that a racist nation
Everything is fine
You can’t call that a racist nation
Everything is fine in Jena


Once I built a mortgage, made it run, made it race against time
Once I built a mortgage, now it’s done,
Brother, can you spell sub-prime
Once in sharkskin suits gee we looked swell
Full of that Yankee Doodly…don’t
Half a million fools went into debt hell
I was the guy with the loan
Say don’t you remember they called me Alan
Hank Paul Larry and Tim
Say don’t you remember, I’m your pal
Brother, can you spare a diamond

When citizens default, I triple-lock my vault
But some of my homies are too big to fail
Supersize their bonus, on the poor I’ll put the onus
Anything to keep my broker’s ass out of that jail

Unprecedented failure of our national securities
We must discover who could be to blame
Could be Osama, Obama, or your mama
Heads we win, tails you lose
Main Street’s cool but Wall Street rules
Won’t you purchase our paper? Please do, I insist!
If you don’t like it buddy, hey, default swap this!
Paulson fit the battle at Goldman-Sachs
And Wall Street’s tumblin down

If there’s no remaining capital what happens to our ism
I never thought I’d ever see the day
When government has a role to play
But it’s true we’re all set
We can wash away the debt
And profit if not learn from our collapse
I love shooting craps

Housing bubbles, Don’t you whine
Makes me happy, Like a land mine

Lehman was lynched Merilly in the oh so Stern bear market
Bail out the banks and offer thanks, don’t grouse
The economy’s just lost one half its worth
And you’ve only lost your house
Profit’s all gone
It was the era of the get
Now it’s time for socialism of the debt

As for the paradox of deleveraging
Which leads to alcoholic beveraging
The way to explain it, explain it to you nice is
That the selling of trash drives down prices

We want a clean plan, not just a mean plan
Why penalize the poor
Rich people who have lost more
Than you mortgage moochers ever could have
It’s not like the sky is falling
Though it’s true your roof is gone
All is not lost but as it says in the sonnet
Doggone it, we’re working on it

There’s no shortage of reportage on our mortgage meltdown so
Why not keep the next phase of the bailout on the down low
You’d never miss a million and you cannot spell quazillion
So why not leave it up to those who caused it, those who lost it,
Those who reverse santa claus’d it
Who believe in the American Dream
Especially the part about the Ponzi Scheme

A nation of whiners gets no golden parachute
When we’re through you will be lucky if you’ve got a birthday suit
If we knew in advance what we were doing
it would be called mergers and precognitions
But we didn’t and we don’t so it’s mergers and demolitions
depositions, inquisitions, extraditions

So what if we were all in a hypnotic trance
From which we awoke with the collapse of the tallest towers of finance
Rome wasn’t bilked in a day
I know I drove this country into a train wreck
But I feel a sudden need for a a blank check
Please won’t you buy my………dreck
Have no fear
We won’t let it happen again
This year


Your car is disgusting, your car is a war crime
Your car is in bad taste, according to me

Your camouflage clothing is a devious wrap
Almost didn’t see you in all that Green Beret crap

You cut quite a figure – it sure makes me meek
I’m shocked if not awed by your massacre chic

The Clear Channel Stadium only broadcasts one game
Down at Dow Diamond it’s burnt flesh this time o year
Coors Field has a rule now, they only serve Nazi beer

You think that you’re different, because in your car
You turn off hate radio, And turn on NPR
We take White House press releases
Then we read them back to you!

You wish you could change things, But you don’t know how
With an actual news source, You’d have Democracy Now

At Pizza Hut Park, they really do it in style
At Fifth Third Ballpark well, you do the math
At Home Depot Soccer Stadium, you fix the game yourself

In the land of free enterprise, the stores are all chains
They replace all community with capital gains

You allow ads all over, Tell me who is to blame
Have you at long last sir, no sense of decency or shame

Down at Whataburger Field the pitcher is on his greasy perch
Me I’m waitin’ for the Wal-mart Institute of Labor Rights Research
Me I’m just waitin’ for the First Coca-Cola Methodist Church


Leave the oil in the soil
Keep the coal in the hole
And the tar in the sand
Are you listenin’, Alberta?
Are you listenin’ in Washington

Western warriors ruled the seven seas
conquered continents as they pleased
war makes wealth for the west
no health or welfare for the rest

Plunderin’ labor and land
enriched the north and western man
Now his wealth destroys the weather
In the south there’s flood and drought
Africa pays again no doubt

Arctic ice is melting
It’s a crisis but they’re pelting us with lame excuses
It’s no use, this abuse of our home
Them that made the mess got to make redress
They must, it’s called justice

Big bucks for bailouts, bonuses and bombs
But not to save the earth
we’re warming by ones and twos and threes
We’re dying by degrees
What about the bankers and the bailers
and the climate crisis failers
Hell, Give em all FEMA trailers

People need food clothing and glaciers
But these human rights erasures
Made by criminals of climate
Cheat the earth and the poor
Made poor for profit
Time to come off it
How long will we let our mother die
While leaders stand by and lie, stand by and lie

Poisoned lakes and rivers
Causing cancer, that’s the answer
We give to the indigenous
No wonder they’re not diggin’ us
One more insult, one more injury
One more death sentence
That’s when we begin to see

Angry mermaids
Angry polar bears
Angry killer whales
Angry islanders, angry islands
Angry islanders, angry islands
Angry continents

leave the oil in the soil
keep the coal in the hole
and the tar in the sand
Are you listenin’, Alberta?
Are you listenin’ in Washington?
Are you listenin’ in Ottawa, in Berlin, in London, in Beijing, in Washington


Dave Lippman – Martin Niemöller – Khalil Gibran – Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Pity the nation whose people are sheep,
whose shepherds mislead them off the deep end of history
Pity the nation whose leaders are liars, whose sages are silenced,
whose bigots haunt the airwaves urging more violence

Pity the nation that raises not its voice
except to praise conquerors and bullies and say there’s no choice
and aims to rule the world by force and torture.
Pity the nation that knows no language but its own
no culture but its own
Pity the nation whose breath is money
and sleeps the sleep of the too well fed
Pity the nation — oh, pity the people who allow their rights to erode
their freedoms washed away
My country, tears of thee, sweet land of liberty

First they came for the Communists, and I said nothing
Because I could never be a part of that party
Then they came for the unions, but I said not a thing
Cause I wasn’t in a union and what charges could they bring?
Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak up
Because I was not a Jew, and besides, what could one man do?

And then they came for me, I said no! This cannot be
Well I spoke up, but no one was left to speak for me
Well I spoke up but no one was left to speak for me

I didn’t fight for the Romans I fought for the Christians and Greece
But when Christians turned into Crusaders
I prayed for their tribes to decrease

And I didn’t fight for the Spanish,
French, Portuguese or Dutch
When their ships sailed into the Indies
I said look but do not touch

And I didn’t fight for the English
When the colonies had to go
But I have to say, the very next day
I was fightin for Geronimo

And I don’t like to kill
Never have and never will
But I will fight for freedom
Though the battle be uphill
And I don’t fight for conquerors
Even if they’re presidents
They try to buy me with dollars
They must think I’ve got no sense
And I don’t keep my silence
When my country bombs a town
Cause I don’t fight for conquerors
I fight to bring them down

I didn’t fight for the Ottomans
Or the empire of the czar
When they asked me to kill in their colonies
I said who do you think you are?

And I didn’t fight for the Nazis
No, I fought for the Jews
And when Israel asked me to conquer
You know I had to refuse

I didn’t crown the Shah of Iran
Greek colonels or a butcher in Zaire
Didn’t bank on Franco or apartheid
Or any who ruled by fear

I didn’t overthrow Chile
Slaughter peasants in El Salvador
And when they went in with shock and awe
I knew exactly what it was for

I didn’t send men to be tortured
Leave their families living in dread
I didn’t build prisons all over the world
And pretend it was freedom I spread

Yes they say they’re spreading democracy
With their soldiers and CIA
Is that why they propped up Mr. Marcos,
Suharto, Duvalier

Vietnam and Iraq, I protested
While all of my Presidents lied
When Presidents stoop to conquer
I’m on the other side


When in the course of social collapse
It becomes necessary to change society, perhaps
Jobless and homeless, can’t get ho health are, life isn’t fair
Who do we know, to help us sew
The seeds of somethin’ better
Well I met her, she sent a letter

We’re the welfare mothers from New York City
We fight for rights don’t need your pity
But who are the ones who can help in this fight
To set things right, could they be hiding in plain sight
Well we are the ones, yes we are the ones
We must get this done
Cause we are the ones

Farm Labor Organizing committee Flocs to the rescue
takes on the soup and pickle people
demanding respect for the pickle pickers, don’t you know,
fair wages and treatment for the sis and bro
Grassroots global justice, Alianza Popular
wants a new system
What Dreamers! – Wait, that’s how we make change,
For a minute I forgot
Power for working people and those who have not

Indigenous Environmental Network
Somehow got this funny idea
people are in some way part of some environment round here
Third world majority says we not only have the right to know
We have the responsibility to BE the media, step it up and go
Don’t you think youth of color, queers, and other marginalized multitudes
could do a better job of telling us what’s goin on
Than those gringos up at NPR with their chatty Kathy attitudes

And when the CEO said you just gotta trust us
Got a big laugh from Jobs with Justice
We bailed out the rich, they got the bonus itch
Did you see what I saw, I had drop jaw
We want our dignity back, not mention homes and jobs
They say the wheels of society are coming off,
Train wreck is straight ahead
But some of us have been there all along
Somebody somewhere doin something wrong
Undernourished children in a overnourished society
When we allow poverty to continue that’s an impropriety
Who cares about health care, we care,
Who cares about immigrants, we all share
If money can move globally
so can people who have to have it to live nobly

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
Fight against privatization for affordable water rates,
Like they did in Bolivia and by the way they won
If Bolivia can do it, Michigan can
Padres Unidos defending Denver Latinos from education asesinos
Without the Freedom to Learn Project
We got no freedom to earn prospect
We want no schoolhouse to jailhouse track
We want our dignity back – not to mention homes & jobs

Women in Transition out in Louisville Kentucky
Do you think you get what you need by hopin, maybe little dopin
No, you band together, stand together, don’t wait for their approval
You got to get up, stand up, against unjust child removal
Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign says
We all have the right to do more than complain
About education, health care, housing, and a living wage
It’s all the rage, It’s the new black,
Supports the victims of Nafta and welfare reform
Which taken together were a perfect storm

We been downsized and cast aside
But we will not be sat astride
We need power, which we can only get
From the strength and perseverance of our 93 member organizations
I’ll mention a few, most I can’t remember cause I ain’t no cyborg
You can look it up at
slash members
There you find among others these sisters and brothers
Alexandria United Taxi-drivers, and the Hip-Hop Congress,
Sisters Together Ending Poverty – STEP
Southsiders Together Organizing for Power – STOP
Toledo Foreclosure Defense League – TFDL
Direct Action Welfare Group – DAWG!
And don’t forget the Mormons
For Equality and Social Justice

All right!
INCITE! Radical feminists of color workin’ to end violence
Against women, and communities of color through direct action, and grassroots organizing.
I’m gonna go out on a limb and link ‘em with the
Indigenous Women’s Network with their Youth Cultural Arts
Program and Sustainable Communities

We are the ones, we are the ones
We are the ones, we are the ones
We want our dignity back…….