Friend of the Fetus

Given the ongoing onslaught – expected to ramp up further – against reproductive rights, it’s time to revive Carole Rose Livingston’s classic, which I recorded in 1991.

I am no friend to the fathers and mothers
And I am no friend to the sisters and brothers
And I am no friend to the weak and distressed
And I am no friend to the poor and oppressed, but
I’m a friend of the fetus
A friend of incomparable worth
I’m a friend of the fetus
Right up to the moment of birth

Once it’s a baby I will not go near it
I will not feed it and I will not rear it
And when it is crying I won’t even hear it
For I have no room in my heart for a human, but


I will not care for it, I won’t be there for it
I will not weep for it, I won’t lose sleep for it
I’ll back away from it, I won’t go gray from it
I will not pray for it, and I won’t pay for it, but


When the 99 Go Marchin’ In – Part 1

Here we saunter through a survey of segues – anyway, the 17 issues from Bernie’s platform, rhymed up, to consider again as we enter the dismal swamp of the election. Eyes on the prize, peeps. This is part one (of two – so I guess there’s 8.5 issues in this one….approx….)

Part 2

The other 8-1/2 top issues from Bernie’s platform find their way into the rhyme zone for reconsideration/reaffirmation (see also part 1, duh).

No Nos Moveran: Immokalee

Immokalee tomato pickers continue their vibrant, successful national campaign to wring a penny a pound more out of the big buyers, facilitating a living wage for those who get our food from farm to mouth.

Native Americans are in full tilt revolt against the Dakota Access (to planet-destroying fossil fuels) Pipeline. Put your hands, up, don’t let them shoot the indigenous defenders of land and life. Send blankets and whathaveyou. Two songs:

When Standing Rock Comes Marchin’ In

Oh when the Sioux
At Standing Rock
Stand up for rights, it’s time
To do more than talk
It’s time for banks to stop funding destruction
Find another way to boost your stock
Oh when the banks support big oil
They’re supporting tear gas
and pepper spray
There’s a battle on the river
And we’ve come here to deliver
We say no more bulldozing the worldIf you support poisoning water
And desecrating sacred land
If you like to foment climate chaos
Then bank here and leave big oil
in command

Financial backing
Of Bakken fracking
Desecrating burial sites
It’s not easy being green
When your profit comes from being mean
We’re here to read your greed its last rites

Yes we are here, like Paul Revere
To tell you what’s around the bend
Well I want to be in that number
When the planet and the people we defend

Oil companies, just tell me please
How did you get eminent domain
Over indigenous folks,
your excuses are bad jokes
You’ve got no couth
and you are inhumane

Yes you’ve got clout,
but count us out
You’ll trade your cuff links for handcuffs

You’ve really crossed the line
Your business needs a re-design
Now first nations have said enough!

You’ve really crossed the line
Your business needs a re-design
Now first nations have said enough!

Bank the Knife: No DAPL

Oh the bank has pretty teeth dear
And it smiles when it takes your cash
When the bank failed, & got bailed out
Did our Prez do somethin’ rashNow they’re bankin’ on a pipeline
To pollute water and land
But the people in North Dakota
Say we’re uniting to take a standJamie Dimon, Stuart Gulliver
Brian Moynihan, & Johnny Stumpf
Well the CEOs are not right dear
The one percent are runnin’ this town

No they never take the high ground
They just take people’s land and lives
That’s why we’ve got to start a boycott
Til their social conscience revives

They put solar on the rooftops
Of bank branches to con the folk
That’s like vegans making millions
From slaughterhouses, what a joke

Jamie Dimon, Stuart Gulliver
Brian Moynihan, & Johnny Stumpf
Yes the line forms to the boycott
Cause the people are back in town!