Songs from the CD “Food, Clothing, & Glaciers”:

Ballad of BP and the Massey Massacre

I won’t be making the trip
To visit Don Blankenship
In his prison cell
And I don’t wish him well
Won’t visit Tony Hayward
He’s way to wayward
Though seeing him in jail
Is my holy grail

No it isn’t fine to operate a mine
When coal is the cancer of the earth
But to sacrifice 29
To increase your bottom line
Brother you’re asking for it
Into the patrol car, officer, floor it!

And the only proper plea
For drilling in the sea
With no referee
Is insanity
But on second thought I guess
We really ought to press
Charges including reckless endangerment,
In the presence of clear and present danger
He went straight to
manslaughter, sea slaughter, shore slaughter
Killing of land and air and water, so…