Drumpf Files #5

A so-called judge struck down the so-called non-Muslim Ban of a so-called President, and all hell broke loose at the airport. Then, for the first time ever, Green Cards expired. Stay tuned….

This is what Plutocracy looks like.

I’m Wild Bill Bailout, the Bard of the Bankers, here to disabuse you of certain notions. Since I’m the one who abused you in the first place.

OK, about these “social movements”:

First off, to answer your question; Whose streets? Mine.

I just want to clear up a few misconceptions on the part of the occupants of, well, my streets. You know who you are, “99%.” Continue reading “This is what Plutocracy looks like.” »

Mideast takes over the Midwest

Well I hope you’re happy. Foreign influences are unresting Middle America. The Union Thugs in Madison, directed by a far-off potentate born in the Hawaiian section of Kenya, or vice versa, are implementing their bi-sexual sleep-in strategy to destroy family values. Families, after all, are not based on collective bargaining.

And what’s the big whup? The GOP only wants to rescue the economy by abolishing college, women, the environment, public television, workers, and eating. This is not an attack on poor people – it will make lots more of them. To be fair, the Democrat Party has responded forcefully, saying “um, well…”